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Posted by Editor On April - 19 - 2011

Golden Arowana

Golden varieties cross back is part of the golden arowana varieties. This variety is found in various places in Malaysia, such as Perak, Trengganu, Bukit Merah Lake and Johor. Therefore, they are often given nicknames according to their places of origin, such as Golden Pahang Arowana, Bukit Merah Blue Arowana or Malaysian Gold Arowana. Referred to as cross back, because this variety has a gold color when fully mature until past his back. These varieties are relatively more expensive even high compared to most others because it included rare.

Gold Base Arowana

Silver-Based Arowana

Cross Back Golden Arowana (CBG) is divided into several classes based on the basic color scales, namely Purple-Based Arowana (basic color purple), Blue-Based Arowana (primary color blue), Gold-Based Arowana (gold base color), and Silver-Based Arowana (silver base color). Arowana Gold with gold base color is known to achieve full color at a younger age than other varieties.

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