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Posted by Editor On April - 21 - 2011

Type Red Arowana (Indoneisa Originil Arowana)

Super Red Arowana

Red arowana originated from various places in West Kalimantan province, such as from the Kapuas River and Lake Sentarum known as the habitat of Super Red Arowana (Chili and Blood Red Arowana). These waters are areas of peat forest creating a primitive environment for these ancient fish. But the condition of minerals, peat water environment (black water), and an adequate amount of food reserve has conditioned a good influence on the evolution of color on the fish concerned. Geographical influence also led to the creation of different variations of the morphology of these fish, such as a wider body, the head of a spoon-shaped, red warnah more intensive, and a more concentrated primary color.

Red Chili Arowana (Kalimantan-Borneo)

Full red color seen in young fish fins, the lips and tentacles. By adulthood, the red color will appear in various other body parts, especially on the gill cover and edges of scales, so looks the red fish’s body.

Red Arowana grouped in 4 varieties :

1. Red Blood Arowana

2. Red Chili Arowana

3. Red Orange Arowana

4. Red Gold Arowana

The four varieties are generally given the nickname Super Red Arowana or First Grade ( First Grade Red Arowana ), although in its development more super red Arowana refers to the Red Hot Pepper Arowana and Red Blood Arwana. While the last two varieties more often considered as super red Arowana with a lower grade.

Super Red arowana

The differences between varieties of red pepper and blood red outlined in the following table :

Chili Red Arowana , Red Blood Arowana red chili Like Color Display Physical features such as red blood body shape is wider, spoon-shaped head longer and more slender body width is relatively constant until about the base of the tail, frame that is thicker scales gradually narrowed eyes and red color width so that the edge of his eyes as if to touch the top of the head and lower jaw of the eyes whiter and smaller tail like a diamond shape (diamonds) As a fan Colors in the younger age tend to have a green base color with a thick metallic sheen have tended to gloss over weak and similar to young RTG;
More rounded body shape Growth Slower Faster Physical morphological features both types are already visible while still young so it can be used as a guide in distinguishing the two varieties are.

Red Blood Arowana (Kalimantan-Indonesia)

Color development between the Red Hot Pepper and Red Blood known also different. The time difference in the achievement of full red color is 1-2 years. However, both varieties through developmental stages that are relatively the same color through orange color transitions. Some have color pale red Arowana until up to 8 years, then turned into a full red within 1 month. Predicting potential red Arowana requires patience and effort gained from the experience and patience.