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Posted by Editor On April - 21 - 2011

Red Banjar Arowana (Indonesia = Arwana Banjar Merah)

Banjar Red Arowana arguably is the red variety known class 2 and not a strain pure red arowana. Appearance is indicated by pale orange color of the fin, tail, orange or yellow, and has no red color on the body or in the cheek.At a glance Banjar Red Arowana young are very similar to Pink, so it is not uncommon this can outwit the new hobbyists.

Red Banjar Arowana also characterized by a rounded head shape that tends to the mouth that is not too sharp. Another difference can be seen in the following table: Young Red Banjar Arowana are Red Color, fin younger tend to orange-red or pale. solid red color evenly on the entire surface of the Yellow or greenish scales Glossy Frame Pink fin and gill cover old or like rust, having grown into an orange or red There is no such view in Banjar.

Red Banjar Arwana